HBO and Showtime filmed in my home!


HBO and Showtime filmed in my home!


During East Campus Discovery Days, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries invited visitors to the newly renovated Dinsdale Family Learning Commons and asked them to share their COVID-19 experiences by making videos in the one-button studio. In this video, Margaret Berry talks about HBO filming in her home during the pandemic. Showtime also came to her home in April 2021 to film a different series, in which she is being interviewed and cooking supper.


Margaret Berry






Lincoln, Nebraska


Hi there. My name is Margaret, and I had an unusual experience during COVID that I'd like to record. In October of 2020 HBO was scheduled to come to Lincoln to interview my husband about a legal case, and it's being turned into a series on HBO.

So I thought this was gonna occur at the law office. So I went to the farmer's market. It was a Sunday morning, and I was messing around. And, I came home and all these trucks were lined up outside our house and they were unloading all this camera equipment into our house. I was totally unprepared for this experience, but it ended up being fascinating.

I spent most of the time with the HBO nurse who flies around the country with the team and tested them for COVID before and after, and did the sanitizing and all that. And because of the sound requirements in the house we were not allowed to be there as well. So we took many walks in the neighborhood and I learned all about what it's like to be an HBO traveling nurse. Anyway Nanfu Wang was the director and watching her work was fascinating. She's a Oscar nominated Chinese filmmaker. And it was an extraordinary experience during COVID that I will always look back on as one of the highlights of this time.

One of the things I learned, I learned so much about how the series are produced how much work goes into them and how intense they are. There's so much that goes on when you watch these series you have no idea what's behind it, just as I suppose in movie making as well. So we'll see what ends up getting, put in the film, in the series, the TV series or what happens. One thing I noticed is that they totally, they couldn't decide exactly where they should film they ended up going down our basement and totally sealing out all the light and of course, that's why we couldn't be walking upstairs because of the sound. So I've always treasured this experience this COVID experience. I thought it was a little bit risky, but by the time they were in our house and I thought it would only take a little bit of time but it actually took like nine hours.

So that's my COVID experience. I'm sure it's a unique one. Thank you for listening.

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