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Faculty & Staff Stories




Faculty and staff perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath

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Face Masks
A photo of myself with my first prototype of a COVID face mask.

Video about being socially distant.

pandemic pal
During the pandemic, I've spent most of my time at home. It can get lonely. My dog's good company, though.

Plexi Planning
Our office with drawings to envision hanging plexi-glass to keep aerosals more contained between customers; after the 2020/03/12 shut down when hundreds of students visited our lobby to return permits, we needed to try to direct and limit the numbers…

Describes the experience of being on campus during shutdown and fall of 2020

Co-worker canine
A Yorkie Apso rests in sunlight and glances away from the window. Caption on the photo: "My co-worker likes to keep an eye on the neighborhood for me."

On-Campus Vaccine Clinic
Information for sharing on social media about a vaccine clinic to be held on UNL campus. On Tuesday, April 20, 2021 @LNKhealth will host a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on campus for UNL students, faculty and staff. Pre-registration available. Walk-ins (19…

Experience participating in vaccine study

UNL Vaccine Clinic
One of many signholders on campus pointing towards the vaccine clinic.

UNL Vaccine Clinic
Post-clinic tent area with free food and Herbie!
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